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. . .and get potential customers COMES TO  you!

(Without spending much time on social media talking to people, even if you don't have a big budget)

If you're looking to get consistent enquiries that give you the freedom you want to steadily grow your revenue and create the life and business you want - then reading this page will be the best decision you can make for your future.

But first, something you should know . . .

Lead Generation (for any business) requires a shift away from old 'salesy' habits. The old overused way of getting leads is to just rely on 3% of the market who are looking for your service means you enter the world competition,  your prospects have 100s of options to choose from and they will have the final call to whom they will go with.

And that's why relying on a 3% of the market where the decision maker will be prospect is stressful and time-consuming. 

That's why I'm glad you've got an interest in joining
Apoyo "ONE" Strategy Event

I'm passionate about helping people with Lead Generation and have been for the last 3 years. 


Because when social media platforms get saturated or require a massive amount of work and only rely on 3% of the highly competitive market Apoyo "ONE" Strategy was able to create consistent opportunities for me & my clients in a massive way. 

When competition is going high and platforms getting saturated, Our strategy is continually giving us consistent clients on automation. 

People like Rahim Bah, who had struggled for a while to get any lead for his Sales & Letting Agency and his Property Investments Training Company with other strategies and software had almost completely given up. 

But when he use our Apoyo "ONE" Strategy he was able to get 100s of quality leads of ACTUAL potential clients and is now able to grow his business in the last six months from four figures to six figures a month. 

Changing businesses . . .

. . . Join Apoyo "ONE" Strategy Event which is proven to simply get you results and help generates 3-7X ROI in the NEXT 90Days! And Discover how we can help your business Thrive.

Done For You Success Foundation

Bridge Building Funnel

Unlimited Quality Traffic

Weekly Zoom

I'm Sunil Parmar!

Sunil Parmar Brand Logo.png

I'm passionate about helping people with Lead Generation and have been for the last 3 years. 

And I have been helping businesses reach their true sales potential.

I've invested tons of time and money uncovering the strategy of the best lead generation marketers in the business.

I have taken their top tips, tricks, and tactics and used them to create the “brains” behind the Apoyo “ONE” Strategy.

From Real Estate Agents, Real Estate Investors, Real Estate Coaches, Dentists, Small Business Owners and so many more! 

And through it all, I've discovered the subtle differences that make a big difference in the success of the business and strategies that see your tactics vs strategy fall flat at almost every hurdle. 

I've not only been using this for my clients but I've actually been using Apoyo "ONE" Strategy to grow my own business and 'Done For You; Apoyo "ONE" Marketing Services. Through it all, THIS is the most important discovery I can share with you.

(Without spending much time on social media talking to people, even if you don't have a big budget)

Apoyo "ONE" Strategy is one of the simplest, easiest and unsaturated ways to reach your specific target market.

Here's the Opportunity...

Brand Foundation

Setting up for success by building brand

Done For You Video Sales Letter

Showcase your message with your results and create trust in your prospect's mind

Bridge Building Funnel

Helps build instant relationship with your prospect and make them ready to buy

Unlimited Traffic

Helps you get unlimited quality traffic on your funnel with people who are ready to buy

How do you sure that Apoyo "ONE" Strategy will work for my business...

The Problem is...

Without the right strategy and insider knowledge, the chances are you will only get a handful of leads when you post on social media and more often than not they will be from people you already know well.


On average your content and listing will only be seen by around 1 in 10 of your followers.

This means that most of your content won't generate any meaningful business benefits.

...And it doesn't end there

Social Media & Listing Portals has a clever algorithm that decides if a post should be shown to more people or not (so they can optimize how much they earn from the ads they show on the page).


This algorithm measures how many likes and comments your post has and if it's enough to tip the scales, they show it to more people.

So what's the crack to 'succeeding' with Apoyo "ONE" Strategy?

#1 Foundation For Success

The main part of the foundation is to know who your target market is. So we will help create the perfect AVATAR for your target market.

So when we target those people they will see your Message, engage with your content and take action etc.

If you don't have clear people as the target market you will try to end up engaging no one, and that is why in the foundation we will help you determine your audience.

Once you get the right foundation now is time to create the funnel that will be going to talk to your customer online and build that bridge between you and your prospect that will be going to close those prospects and make them your loyal customer. 

#2 Building Bridge Funnel

#3 Unlimited Quality Traffic

Rome wasn't built in a day.

Although we've had people get success overnight with the strategies we show you. 

The reality is it could take some time to turn your funnel into the lead generation machine it can be. 

But with that, I'll show you how to generate unlimited quality traffic and consistent leads and make your commitments 10x easier . . .

That's what Apoyo "ONE" Strategy is all about!

I'm passionate about our Strategy because I know it works.

But how can I be so confident that it works? 

Because it's worked for us & our clients of others:

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